The forgotten Celts of Asia.

Who were the Galatians ?

Gauls in the east

This website is about an ancient people known as the galatians. They were of Celtic stock, of uncertain origin and various parts of Western Europe. In 280 BC, a mighty Gallic invasion struck the Balkans, beating the Illyrians, the Thracians, all Greeks armies sent up against them and killed the king of Macedon. They plundered Delphi, the richest and most famous sanctuary in the Hellenistic world. However fate eventually turned against the rampaging Gauls (wrath of the gods ?) after Delphi, and their armies scaterred.

One host stayed in Thrace, funding the Kingdom of Tylis, the other one besieged Byzantion. However the city-state was saved by the intervention of the King of Bithynia. Nicomedes convinced them to pass the Hellespont on his boats to help him fighting a domestic rebellion. Once done in 278 BC, these aggregate of Gauls rampaged Asia Minor before settling in central Anatolia. There, they will stay for centuries, forging a reputation of mercenaries throughout the ancient world...

More on the Galatians
Gauls in Egypt

The Comic

In hope to gather the team and fund an advanced copic book in support to the story. Graphics elements would also be used for the VR universe to back it up. This is a biopic on a grand scale, a story in 300 BC -220 BC era of a specific ruler, Dexcingocingorix, opening a fiction where he travelled the world and advised Princes, a perfect introduction of the ancient world and the amazing civilizations which lived into.

The Balkans campaign

Galatians in VR

The other project is a stunning VR experience with a storytelling presenting the Celtic odyssey from the origin to the end of the Celtic world, with the Galatians as a high point. The VR project is about the discovery of these ancient civilizations between 300 and 200 BC.

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